<p>Our Story</p>

Our Story

We go back a bit, as far as 1975, when we were formed to produce the Official Film of the 1976 Olympic Winter Games. This got us hooked on sporting stories, and we’ve been doing it ever since.  We’ve been lucky enough to film at the biggest sporting events in the world and worked with some of its biggest stars.

So where did the Worldmark name come from? We wanted to express how we were an international company with prestige and a distinctive marque, defined by the quality of our productions. After 40 years we believe this still rings true to what we do today.

<p>Our People</p>

Our People

The Worldmark team is made up of experienced directors, producers, creatives and editors. Having a team of multi-talented individuals means that we are never short of original concepts. There’s no limit to the style of films that we create.

Our team is a hard-working crew who get their kicks out of experimenting with new ideas, challenging perceptions and creating films that delight our clients.

<p>Our Culture</p>

Our Culture

We have created an open culture attracting, retaining and inspiring talent. Our office has been designed to create the best launch-pad to open our collective imagination; whether it’s brainstorming fresh ideas in the break-out area or around the dart board.

We think creativity flows a lot better when you’re having fun.