Worldmark has been working with the world’s biggest sports federations, agencies and brands for many years.

We devised and implemented the sponsor-filming programme for the 1990 FIFA World Cup. This led to filming behind the scenes at events across the globe from football and athletics, to the Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games, motorsport, yachting, skiing, tennis and golf.

Sport has many dimensions. We cover it all. And storytelling is fundamental to what we do, whether it’s official films, shooting behind the scenes for knowledge transfer, or social media. We are equally at home making films about social issues across the world or developing and building an e-learning platform, producing high impact viral campaigns or complex educational films and documentaries.

Having filmed in over 80 countries we have an extensive network of contacts and relationships that means we can make just about anything happen, often to the tightest of deadlines.

We can help you engage with your stakeholders, educate future organizing committees and entertain your fans.