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Worldmark films a 12 part series fusing Gaming with Olympic Sport

Friday, January 26th, 2018 // worldmark // Posted in Uncategorized
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Wordmark has delved into the wonderful world of YouTube and gaming to produce a 12 part series for the Olympic Channel called Gamers Vs. We had to track down exotic characters inhabiting this world like Razzbowski, As2piK, Ddotty, PapaDog, King Koon, NettyPlays and Tomohawk. These guys run their own social media channels with millions of subscribers.  To help us navigate this new frontier of entertainment we enlisted the talented George Burt, who also developed the idea. As we tracked down these Gamers, we challenged them to get out from behind their high powered PC’s,  and try an Olympic sport for the first time under the guidance of Olympians, at elite training centres.


We filmed across Europe, Japan and Korea and our Gamers partnered up to present each episode, learn a sport in a day and then compete against each other. So what were the results when elite gamers try elite sport? Well firstly they were great fun, very entertaining and actually very good presenters who are full of ideas and willing to give it a go. Many of them were actually good at the sports surprising themselves and the Olympians and coaches who trained them. But most importantly they all had a great time and wanted to do more. They all brought their own personality and dynamic to their individual shows and we loved making the films with them. A big thank you to all the gamers who agreed to be involved, all the fantastic Olympians and coaches who gave up their time and the dedicated UK crew  including George, Henry and Martyna and along with the local crew and all those others who helped make this a cracking little series.