Feature Film - Festival Single

Feature Film

Festival Single

Tony, Ali, Nick and Pete have celebrated their annual boys’ weekend for the past five years, with the begrudging approval of their wives and girlfriends (apart from Nick’s wife Julie, who never really approves of anything). Last year it was a golfing weekend in Benidorm but this year a random pub quiz question leads them to exchange sun, sea and sangria for a music festival and a raucous celebration of free love, rock god posturing and hippie counter-culture (much against Tony’s better judgement).

What follows, over five high-octane summer days, will change their lives forever. Throw in the odd encounter with celebrities, transvestites, pickpockets, hippies – and the police – and “Festival Single” delivers an unforgettable British feelgood comedy, set against an iconic backdrop of sex, drugs and rock and roll. And mud.