Bitcoin - Big Bank Theory


Big Bank Theory

What exactly is Bitcoin? And how could this fast-growing digital currency affect money, and the way we use it? We were asked to develop a short film that explained in a fun and thought-provoking way what Bitcoin was all about, its potential benefits and show how it is already in general use. It was always going to be a short film that exploded the myths in an edgy and irreverent way. But working closely with the client, we developed a script and storyboard that surprised even us – using gorillas, evil money-men and a grungy ‘sandwich artiste’. One of our key challenges was to make an unused reservoir in Chertsey double for a prehistoric wasteland.

With a limited budget we had to be pretty creative and militarily organised in how we produced the film, which was shot over 3 days.  The final film was delivered primarily for social media distribution.