Sky/TCB media Rights - Caught on Dash Cam

Sky/TCB media Rights

Caught on Dash Cam

Caught on Dash Cam series 2 brings together the most spectacular, mind-boggling and downright bizarre car crashes, near misses and road incidents ever seen – all filmed from the CCTV cameras, phones, dash cams and mini-cams of motorists and pedestrians from across the planet. CODC looks at a truly international theme – driving. This is the world of driving through the windscreen.

In each show cover six topics based on different driving related themes examining everything and anything road related: cars, motorbikes, lorries, pedestrians, wildlife, passengers and all the rest. However CODC isn’t just about spectacle – although it’s packed full of it. While we hope it entertains, it also informs and educates. So peppered throughout each segment are factoids, relevant to what is onscreen, that will amuse, shock, entertain and inform in equal measure.

The show is distributed by TCB Media Rights and is being broadcast in many territories including Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Sky in the UK.